Unity Lodge No.98 “help the needy”

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In this section of the Gazette we hope that Lodges will take advantage of this “window” to help let the world understand a little more of the good work that the Masonic Lodge does. We might all do well to remember the words recorded in the General Epistle of James -  Chapter 2, Verse 24 where he writes : “Ye  see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith alone”. In this article we look at Unity Lodge No. 98, an English speaking Emulation Lodge.

On Wednesday 9th October 2014 Bro. David Brown was Installed as the 17th Worshipful Master of the Unity Lodge No.98 on the Register of the Grand Lodge of Spain within the Province of Andalucia. Having served in every Lodge Office on his journey to the “Chair of the Lodge”, W.Bro David holds this office for one year and will have the privilege to maintain the traditions and ethos of this group of 18 brethren. These traditions and this ethos were laid down by the founders of the Lodge back on the 25th October 1997 when the Lodge was originally consecrated. The ethos has always been to perform the masonic ceremonies to the very highest of standards and thereby gain a good understanding of the lessons contained in them, whilst the traditions maintain the importance to live up to the Obligations a Mason has as a man, particularly in regard to that Obligation taught in the 1st degree to do with Charity. And so this Lodge must have immense pride in the fact that it has raised and given over €54.000 euros to organisations and appeals that were in need of assistance. And because this Lodge enjoys a particular strength of fraternal cement between its members, this work is done with great unity, enjoyment and fun. A good example of this was the recent Ladies Festival held on the 18th October (held in honour imagesof the wives and partners of the members) where a 5 course dinner evening was enjoyed together with a group - Rough Justice - a solo singer - Ellen - and dancing until the ealy hours of the morning – still raising €500 euros for charity !) From cancer research, to childrens homes, to international disasters….Unity Lodge has been able to help and support those in need. A full account of the Lodges Charity donations is annexed to this article and it reflects an impressive generosity of spirit, of which the members can take pride in. It reflects a group of men determined to help others.  The Lodge Association (a legal entity) remains very financially secure and the brethren utterly united in their endeavors to continue to help those in need as well as to live up to the very high standards that the true Mason must aspire to. A united Lodge well served by the name “Unity”. A Lodge of happiness and fun, of tradition and forward lookingness…..a Lodge where the masonic principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth are practised. No doubt the very first Worshipful Master of Unity Lodge W.Bro Roger Stokes, will afford himself a smile of pride when he looks upon the newly Installed Master. The Lodge meets in Almeria (where two other very worthy Lodges -  Almeria Lodge and Almanzora Lodge – also meet) and the Lodge Secretary will always be pleased to deal with any enquires regarding the Lodge; and Unity 98 will continue to seek to be engaged with its local community and to be a beacon of light to those in need.

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