Tertulia history of “Masonry and inquisition” in Puerto eighteenth century


From City of El Puerto de Santa María it is reported that the Tertulia Classroom History of History “Menesteo” returns this Friday, May 29 at 21.00 at the Palace Araníbar with the conference “Masonry and inquisition in El Puerto eighteenth century” which is payable by the Doctor of History Juan Gómez Fernández.

This is a new edition of the activity jointly organized by the Hall of History “Menesteo” and the Department of Tourism. Admission is free until all seats.
At the conference the brushstrokes of this stage of history will portuense.

The eighteenth century was to change Europe called Old Regime to the New Regime. Absolute monarchies were put under discussion and the power that the Church had maintained until then. New ideas about the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, gave rise to social groups previously banned, as is the case with the new masonry born in England and that would spread quickly across the continent. This diffusion and its secrecy, soon lead to confrontation with the Church of Rome.

In Spain it would be the Tribunal of the Holy Office in charge of this task and prevent its spread. So Freemasonry was considered by the Inquisition as a danger to the state and the Church from the beginning and its members persecuted and prosecuted, whether they were foreign or domestic. And Cadiz, as the nerve center of the Spanish trade at the time, was also the door through which new ideas came and tried to circumvent the so-called “cordon sanitaire” that were intended to prevent entry into the country.

Juan Gómez Fernández a PhD in History from the University of Cadiz, where he is a member of the Research Group “History and Gender”. Teacher and high school teacher, is currently engaged in historical research and studies focused mainly on the History of Education. This issue has participated in meetings and conferences and is the author of feature articles published in the proceedings thereof.

And also he has participated in group and published works, among others, the books form men well: teaching in El Puerto de Santa María in the nineteenth century (2006) and The Republican public school in El Puerto: between illusion and repression (2014). But it has also addressed other issues like that presented at the gathering on Friday.
History gatherings

The gathering takes place once a month and is holding a lecture by an investigator. In fact, apart from the appearance of numerous portuenses is significant participation of people coming from different localities of the province. When the exhibition ends rapporteur, a debate you can freely question the speaker and freely express opinions on the content of the conference opens.

By holding these Gatherings of History, the Hall of History “Menesteo” it aims to contribute to the study and dissemination of the history of El Puerto de Santa María and Cadiz province, facilitating the approach to local and general history of citizens

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