I Days of Knights Templar and Freemasonry in Mijas


Las Lagunas Theatre will host the next 26 and 27 June, the First Conference of Masonry and the Templars held in Mijas, ‘On the trail of Masons and Templars’. Will be eight lectures given by different members of Masonic groups, and organized by the Grand Lodge of Spain, Provincial Grand Lodge of Andalusia and the Grand Priory of Spain, in collaboration with the Municipality of Mijas. With these meetings, with free admission, it is intended to present the history of our Orders and philanthropic activities developed at present.

We expect that the truth about us is known, because that is precisely the rationale for the Masons, the search for truth, equality, fraternity, liberty and charity. We develop social work from the beginning of our training, whose image for the outside world has been deformed along history in many cases by interests that have little to do with our true spirit.

Notably, parallel to the conference, it can be seen on the premises of Teatro Las Lagunas, an exhibition of documents, historic Masonic aprons and jewels “loaded with symbolic content and in some cases historical value.”

The conference will be spoken in English and Spanish


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